PURCHASE INFORMATION All prices are in Swedish Kronor.

PAYMENT IN ADVANCE Payment into our Bank account before delivery of the product(s). Send us a message on info@silverkayak.com PAYPAL Through PayPal payment system.

ORDER ACKNOWLEDGEMENT An order acknowledgement will be automatically sent to the e-mail address, you have given us in your customer information sheet. That very e-mail address will also be used for all other contacts with Silverkayak.com. If there should be anything wrong with your order, please contact us as soon as possible, so we can correct it before delivery.

RETURN OF GOODS Should you want to return your ordered product, please send it to us carefully packed together with the invoice or a copy of it. Please make a note on the invoice of your reasons for the return of the goods. Please also contact Silverkayak.com before the return of the goods to inform us that the parcel is on its way. Save the bill of carriage until the matter of your returned goods is settled. Kindly note: We do not accept parcels insufficiently stamped or returned C.O.D. Unfortunately, a custom made product is not possible to take back.

PURCHASE ON APPROVAL/RIGHT TO REGRET According to the law of distance agreement you are always allowed purchase on approval during 14 days when buying on the internet. The condition is that the product is returned unused and in its original state. Freight cost to Silverkayak.com and transport risk are on you. When we have received the product in return from you and have certified that it is not damaged, we will repay you the sum you have paid us for the product. Unfortunately, a custom made product is not possible to take back.

CLAIM FOR COMPENSATION If there is anything wrong with your delivery or a product, we will recompense you with a new product no costs. Please contact us within 14 days, so we can correct the mistake. When we have received and checked the returned product, we will send you a new one. Please also read carefully the paragraph “Return of goods”.

FORCE MAJEURE We take no responsibility for delays in delivering your order due to obstacles outside our control.

PERSONAL INFORMATION Personal information provided to Silverkayak.com is used only by us. We never sell e-mail addresses or exchange them with any other company, organization or person. All personal information given to us is treated with greatest secrecy.

COOKIES Silverkayak.com uses so called cookies.

Pagaj HB Krokhusvägen 249
266 93 Munka Ljungby Sweden
+ 46 (0) 702 – 444314
e-mail info@silverkayak.com
webpage www.silverkayak.com

The company is VAT registered and has F-tax approval.

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